Our mission is to improve the environments we live and work in sustainably. Our seminal, people-centric furniture is made to last. Fostering well-being, collaboration, identity and purpose is pivotal to commercial success.

Our approach is to create timeless design that is kind to the planet, improves conditions in society and shapes a company’s cultural role. Therefore, at Wilkhahn, commercial success, socio-ecological responsibility and a commitment to culture always go hand in hand. Our global workforce nurtures and cultivates these values that connect us with business partners and customers.

Our aspiration is to develop and make innovative furniture that reconciles the needs of people and the environment. Which is why environmental responsibility starts at the product development stage already. Less is More or Reduce to the Max are principles that Wilkhahn constantly reinterprets for the future. Ecological design principles are integral to product development at Wilkhahn.

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