Variable conference table Contas

540 range - Design: wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Anette Ponholzer

Minimalist. Lightweight. Surprisingly versatile.

Contas is an intelligent, superior and durable furnishing solution that quickly pays dividends. The clarity and quality of this sophisticated table system’s design is impressive. It cuts an equally fine figure in conference rooms and highlights the importance of the occasion. Contas also offers attractive cost benefits in terms of facility management. Contas can adapt to different numbers of participants, course methods and room shapes. Tool-free assembly turns the table systems into single tables, linked rows or grouped into horseshoe shapes or blocks in no time. The patented interlocking mechanism and the clever integration of all functions save time and money. The frame is bright chromium plated, with a choice of laminate, veneer and linoleum tabletops.

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Environmental Information
540 Contas GREENGUARD Certificate (pdf 0.61 MB)
EMAS Certficate of Registration (pdf 0.55 MB)
Environmental Statement (pdf 7.73 MB)
Videos and more
540 Contas "Contas Center Piece" Video (mp4 217.5 MB)
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