Wilkhahn Insit Screen - range 781

Insit Screen adds extra visual and acoustic privacy to Insit bench

The Screens were developed as a modular set of stand-alone rear panels, L-shaped corner solutions with side panels, U-shaped screens for stand-alone benches and C-shaped enclosures for two Insit benches facing each other.

As a result, the Screens can be combined with any model in the multipurpose bench range. The Insit Screen upgrade taps into a wide range of design options for agile furnishing. It can help partition spaces, divide up sectional seating in areas in the middle of rooms and lounges, or provide places to withdraw to in open-plan offices. The Insit Screens are attached to the seat frame, creating a total height of 135 cm and effective visual and acoustic privacy while people are sitting down. At the same time, they’re low enough not to dominate the appearance of the room, or the stylish, lightweight look of the benches.

781 range - Design Wolfgang C.R. Mezger


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