L'Osteria Munich

Restaurant chain L’Osteria serves authentic Italian food in a pleasantly designed atmosphere in more than 50 restaurants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Just like in the restaurants, the new administration offices of the system restaurateur in Munich are also designed in a cosy, feel-good atmosphere. A mixture of styles was created for the organisation furniture and design products by skilfully combining warm colours and special materials with vintage elements. In addition to a specially developed concept for the lighting and acoustics, office chair ON made sure that working in the offices was relaxed, inspiring and concentrated. ON‘s elegant beauty and yellow Remix cover material blend perfectly into the concept. Besides ON chairs, the offices have also been equipped with Sito cantilever chairs and a Confair folding table.

Location: Munich, Germany
Year: 2015
Featured products:

ON office chair

Confair conference table

Sito conference chairs

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