World-wide mining company

A mining business run from a skyscraper

In the sparsely populated west of Australia, mining is the most important pillar of the economy. The headquarters of a newly founded mining company are based in Perth, the biggest city in the region. The office is situated in one of the most striking high-rise buildings. It doesn’t just command exceptional views of the city, but also boasts exceptional interior design. The design of the rooms fosters communication and teamwork. Wilkhahn seats, conference chairs, upholstered furniture and tables play a key role in the process. “In a fast-paced world, we have the opportunity to propel progress – from the bottom up”. This was the maxim of a new mining company launched a few months ago that had been hived off from a big corporation. The company places huge emphasis on treating resources and people with respect. It operates mines in Africa, Australia and South America and employs a workforce of 25,000. All activities are coordinated from the new company headquarters in Perth. Here it has come up with a modern and versatile working environment where teamwork and interaction are practised as core company values. 
Visual references to business fieldsAs the face of the company, the reception area is kept in understated earthy hues, creating a link between the mining of and trading with natural resources. A dominant feature is the black-panelled ceiling where customised fluorescent tubes of different lengths are very effective features. A comfortable and elegant waiting area was created with chairs, sofas and side tables from the Wilkhahn Asienta range. The Asienta range has also been chosen for the meeting room, offering an informal backdrop. The executive conference room looks exclusive. The semi-oval table offers space for up to 18 people. The table integrates microphones, screens and loudspeakers so that people from all over the world can join in. Graph was chosen as the conference chair. Its classy appeal and superb comfort make it ideal for this room concept.

The cafeteria – a place to network and relax
The staff cafeteria stands out for its bold design. The panelling on the ceiling made of punched steel bands defines the space. Long rows of upholstered benches are combined with high, bar-style tables and chairs, while large dining tables are positioned anywhere in the room. In terms of colours, various grey and beige hues predominate. In lemon yellow and burgundy red, Wilkhahn's Chassis chair creates splashes of colour. The chair was designed by Stefan Diez and isn't just an eye-catcher. Thanks to its hard-wearing plastic seat, it can also cope with the demands of everyday use. A welcoming meeting place for casual chats is provided by modular corner seating units from Ophelis that has a sales partnership with Wilkhahn Asia Pacific. And anyone wanting a bit more exercise can play some table tennis and or table football. After all, the best ideas often come to us when talking to colleagues and not while sitting at desks.

Type: Conference and cafeteria room
Location: Perth, Australia
Photos: Dion Robeson / dion photography
Year: 2015
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Chassis Chair
Graph Conference Chair
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