Wilkhahn Yonda meeting chair

320 range - Design: Büro neunzig° design

The name says it all. Yonda stems from “beyond” because this piece of furniture really goes that extra mile. Neunzig°design studio reinterpreted the archetypal, spacious shell-structure chair to craft an innovative range that meets the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s world. Yonda’s a comfortable chair family with a whole host of design options for both homes and workplaces. But it doesn’t stop there. Its design, materials and surface finishes reflect the concept of a circular economy.

Thanks to the sculptural-looking armrests that curve downward at the front, the biocomposite seat shell looks lightweight and dynamic despite its size. Even the version without upholstery is exceptionally comfortable. With a felt pad, seat cushioning or padding on the inside, it’s even more so. If required, the seat cushioning also comes with a distinctive Y-shaped depression as a reference to the first letter of the range’s name.

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Digital brochures
320 Yonda Digital-Brochure (pdf 7.93 MB)
Product information
320 Yonda table book EN (pdf 6.97 MB)
Cleaning and Disinfecting information (pdf 3.1 MB)
Healthy and future-proof Office Workspaces (pdf 6.34 MB)
CAD Data - Revit files
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320 Yonda GS Certificate (pdf 2.65 MB)
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Environmental Information
320 Yonda EPI (Environmental Product Informatio) (pdf 2.45 MB)
Wilkhhan-Yonda-320-Blue-Tick-Certificate (pdf 0.27 MB)
Videos and more
320 Yonda EPI (Environmental Product Informatio) (pdf 2.45 MB)
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Yonda If design award
Yonda Red Dot Award
Yonda German Design Award