Foldscreen for flexible pop-up offices

The Timetable family might be used in the mornings for training sessions, at lunchtimes for conferences and in the evenings as hot-desking workspaces. It’s difficult to think of any other table that is more future-proof or offers such flexibility. The modular Foldscreen range provides privacy and absorbs sound, making it an excellent choice for areas where people require their own space or need to concentrate more. What’s so clever is that the Foldscreen modules aren’t just simple to attach to and remove from the table top without any tools, but the hinges on the front panels and the ingenious, slot-in folding linkage strip on the folded down on the table top, locked onto the front panel and flipped up and flipped up with it as well. As a result, even with Foldscreens attached, the Timetable tables are still just as flexible. If required, the tables are perfect for pop-up offices and, with flipped-up table tops, they’re compact to stow away, quick to wheel in and fold up in seconds. Whether used individually, or as part of a group or linked to form a modular workbench in conjunction with a Timetable, Timetable Smart, Timetable Shift or sit-to-stand Timetable Lift, the Foldscreen system has now turned the mobile table family into a champion in agile working environments.

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609 range - Design: Wilkhahn

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