296 range - Design: Wilkhahn

Decide combines the Wilkhahn expertise for designing elegant, timelessly classic conference chairs with the award-winning ergonomic expertise for healthy sitting. This is particularly well manifested in the innovative 3D suspension, which, thanks to the high-performance steel used, provides healthy impulses to the back muscles without any mechanics at all.  

The wide variety of models and features not only allows the chair to be used in meeting and conference rooms across all corporate departments, but also to be precisely tailored to the individual corporate design. 

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Digital brochures
296 Decide Digital Brochure (pdf 3.6 MB)
Product information
296 Decide Manual (pdf 1.29 MB)
Environmental Statement (pdf 7.73 MB)
Healthy and future-proof Office Workspaces (pdf 6.34 MB)
CAD Data - Revit files
Wilkhahn-296-Decide-dwg-metric.zip (zip 6.83 MB)
Wilkhahn-296-Decide-3ds-metric.zip (zip 19.12 MB)
Wilkhahn-296-Decide-skp-metric.zip (zip 115.05 MB)
Wilkhahn-296-Decide-ifc-metric.zip (zip 7.54 MB)
296-Decide-GS-Certificate (pdf 3.93 MB)
Environmental Information
Environmental Statement (pdf 7.73 MB)
Videos and more
56 Cyber sample card fabric (pdf 1.01 MB)