780 range, Insit upholstered bench with backrest, design Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

780 range - Design Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

The highpoint of any occasion.

Insit transforms the classic upholstered bench with backrest into a multipurpose higher seating option for offices, co-working, meeting and dining spaces. At 45 cm seating height and with ergonomic and firm upholstery, this option provides supportive comfort and opportunities for use across generations. The characteristic upright backrests and elegant A-line feet lend the furniture a prestigious and lightweight look. The range is available as two-, two-and-a-half and three-seaters, which come with backrests that are linear, on one or both sides or at an angle for people to sit in opposite directions. Models with high backrests for more privacy and a coordinating table range round off the range. Due to its freely combinable, integrative design language, the seating resembles a distinctive sculpture that can be designed and adapted in all sorts of ways. The highpoint of any occasion.

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